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era Glass, Inc. specializes in providing quick cost effective answers to your interior needs. We serve the general public, custom home builders, commercial clients, interior designers, and architects. Our team can provide a wide array of crafted products and other custom work from design to finished product.


Custom Bathroom Countertop

  • Cast in durable clear polyurethane.
  • Pebbles were client’s sentimental choice.
  • Impact and chemical resistant.
  • Pieces can be cast in a variety of sizes and thickness.
  • Won't yellow over time.

Custom Acrylic Light Diffusers

  • Acrylic fabrication.
  • Heat and pressure formed to client’s specified shape and size.
  • Media blasted for matt finish.
  • Custom fabricated for Charles Schwab’s Hawaiian home.

Custom Resin Cast Table And Frame

  • Table top is a durable acrylic/resin cast sandwich.
  • Solid stainless steel frame.
  • Matt finish.
  • Matches customer’s custom color.
  • Outline of frame ghosts through as requested by customer.

Dubai Chandelier

  • Rubber mold made from customer’s foam sculpture.
  • Made in fiberglass using UV resistant clear surfboard resin.
  • Will be trimmed in bronze and illuminated from inside.
  • To be installed in an Atlantis Themed Restaurant in Dubai.

Sea Shell Sconces

  • We produced rubber molds from the customer’s original.
  • Castings were done in a plaster hybrid (FGR) and reinforced with fiberglass.