Lera Glass
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esigned for use on interior, exterior and architectural projects, Lera Glass Inc. transforms ordinary design and architectural features into extraordinary pieces as durable and beautiful as solid metal or natural patina. For centuries artists have embellished their metal works with a greenish, bluish, or rust patina, adding depth, texture and a stately charm, patina finishes add elegance to art and design pieces. Interior designers, architects, artisans, set designers and crafters create inspired works using Lera Glass Inc.

Cornice With  Copper / Patina Finish

  • The upper cornice is fiberglass with our copper patina finish.
  • The lower cornice is original copper we intended to match.
  • The finish looks like copper because it is.
  • Real copper is bonded to the fiberglass.
  • Patina is promoted using the traditional techniques.

Columns With Sandstone Finish

  • The Columns are fiberglass with our sandstone finish.
  • All the surrounding sections of the building are the original 90 year old plaster /sand finish we worked to match.
  • The finish looks like sandstone because it is, and the color matched sand is bonded to the fiberglass.
  • Columns were brought out in halves, assembled, then finished in place.
  • This is the Carolands Mansion in Hillsborough.

Black Lacquer Base

  • This black base is a hand rubbed black lacquer finish.
  • The base itself is a polyester cast.
  • It was designed to house a light which illuminated the etched areas of the crystal.
  • Lera Glass produced the finished base, and the etched crystal was by others

White Martini Stool With Purple Pearl Finish

  • High quality automotive finish.
  • White base coat, several light coats of pearl, several coats of polyurethane clear.
  • Hand sanded and polished.
  • The stool itself we molded in fiberglass.

Receptionist Desk With Distressed Finish

  • The goal of this finish was to mimic 2000 year old distressed lacquer relics from Pompeii.
  • The effect was achieved using lacquer, and a variety of dry pigments rubbed into the surface as the desk was made.
  • The Client requested a desk with no flat surfaces, and no square corners, along with the Pompeii finish.