Lera Glass
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era Glass Inc. offers a wide array services for Artist’s production needs. Design consultation, sculpting, resizing, mold making, casting, finishes and one of a kind projects. Proficient in a variety of materials and techniques, Lera Glass offers a host of options to help you make you project shine.

Adriana Varella‘s( Digital DNA)

  • Lera Glass provided production advice on types of materials to use and recommended fabrication procedure.
  • The Customer provided the shape roughed out in polystyrene bead foam.
  • We refined the shape and applied an epoxy fiberglass skin to the foam.
  • The Customer applied the circuit boards.
  • We applied several coats of UV resistant polyurethane clear automotive paint.

Prancing Horse Sculpture

  • Customer delivered the sculpture shaped in polyurethane foam.
  • We applied a polyester fiberglass skin.
  • The sculpture was then sanded smooth, and we applied a custom black and pearl flake automotive finish, then added taxidermy horse eyes.

Joe Sam’s “Bird Of Paradise Sculpture”

  • This project was scaled up from the model shown on the stool.
  • The client provided the twisted aluminum stems.
  • We produced the flower sections using fiberglass, and bonded them to the stems.
  • We provided the paint shown here.
  • The client later applied his highlight colors himself.
  • We applied the final UV resistant automotive clear.

Kevin Ancell’s “Hula Project”

  • Kevin Ancell provided the molds, which he’d made from a human model.
  • We produced 25 sets of body sections, at a rate of two sets a day.(shown to the right)
  • We rotational cast these parts using a polyurethane material
  • These parts came out of the mold colored, and ready to paint.
  • Kevin handled the assembly, and final paint.
  • The abdomen’s were motorized so that the hips and skirts swiveled

Black Lacquered Base

  • This base was designed to support the etched crystal panel shown.
  • The base was cast in polyester and finished in hand rubbed black lacquer.
  • The base housed a light fixture which projected light through the bottom of the crystal,  causing the etched areas to glow.