Lera Glass
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era Glass Inc. has produced many prop and scenery set pieces over the years. Our wide range of custom fabrication capabilities has made us a natural choice, when unique items were needed. Lera Glass has supplied props and set details for musicians such as The Rolling Stones, U2, Ronnie Dio, Tina Turner, LL Cool J. Movies such as Joe Verses The Volcano, Metro, Rent, and smaller Independent Films. As well as many pieces for ACT, the Opera and Corporate Theater.


U2's Trablants

  • These cars are shown hanging in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland.
  • These cars were to be used to house spot lights for U2s Zoo TV Tour.
  • They could only weigh 400 lbs since they were intended to hang from cables. To accomplish this we mocked up fiberglass wheels, and an undercarriage including a faux engine and suspension.
  • Molds were initially taken from an original Trablant
  • Five of these cars were produced in a matter of two weeks. Work was conducted in tandem with another local fabrication shop due to shortness of time.
  • We produced these for FM productions. Who handled the set for the tour.

The Mermaid for the movie Rent

  • This figure was rotational cast in Clear Resin.
  • The figure stands 5 feet tall.
  • This figure was to look like carved ice and was a central prop for a scene in the movie

Water Melons, for Rancho Fandango

  • These Watermelons were made for an Independent Film
  • They are hollow shells made from fiberglass
  • They have a wood sub frame.
  • The final shaping was done with body filler.

Sartorius Robots

  • Lera Glass produced these robots for use as trade show props.
  • Macintosh Monitors created the face.
  • When a button was depressed on the head, stylized facial features appeared on the screen, and the robot became interactive.
  • This was a fiberglass fabrication

Spray Urethaned Sculpture

  • This is a sculpture for ACT
  • They brought us a polystyrene bead foam sculpture.
  • We sprayed a hard shell of polyurethane elastimer on it for them.
  • The surface is now strong enough to be sanded, resist damage, and is durable enough to be coated in any material