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Redwood City Court House

istorical Renovation is a large part of our business due to our exceptional molding and finishing techniques. Our quality fiberglass components are made with the highest standards and designed to blend in seamlessly with original components made from old world materials.

In historic restoration, subtlety is everything. Every manufacturing process leaves subtle clues as to what the material is and how it was used. In woodwork, the appearance of sharp or radius corners, the hint of grain, and the visibility of nail holes that have been filled are some of its unique characteristics. In metalwork, the appearance of folded corners, welds, casting marks, and even the general shape of the object can quickly give away its identity. Stonework and other materials likewise have their own unique characteristics that give subtle hints as to what the viewer is seeing. Using mold and production techniques refined over many years, these tell tale subtleties are molded into our products, helping our components
fit in seamlessly along side original architectural features.

Because fiberglass building components are lightweight they have the added benefit of needing much less support which in turn creates less stress on the structure. Fiberglass is recognized as an excellent alternative in earthquake areas. Components made of fiberglass are easier and faster to produce as well as less expensive to transport and install largely because of the material's weight.

Redwood City Court House

  • Fiberglass fabrication.
  • Steel substructure.
  • Authentic sandstone and copper finishes.
  • Finishes blend seamlessly with original components that were made from old world materials.
  • Light, easy to install and easy to transport.
  • Seismically superior.

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Adam Grant Building

  • Fiberglass fabrication.
  • Steel substructure.
  • Color matched terracotta finish.
  • Produced in sections for ease of installation.

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Conservatory of Flowers Window Frames

  • Fiberglass construction.
  • Stainless steel insets in hinge and latch attachment areas, provide an excellent long lasting base material for screws to grip.
  • Will not swell.
  • Prime and ready to paint.
  • Will not rot or crack like wood originals.
  • Paint every 20 years instead of every 5 years.

Sweasey Theater

  • Fiberglass construction.
  • Many elements created from scratch.
  • Designed to be easy to install.
  • Inserts provided to hide bolt attachments to the wall.
  • Much lighter than concrete originals.

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St. James Hotel

  • Our first historical renovation project 30 years ago.
  • Fiberglass construction.
  • Molds were made in the field.
  • Steel was laminated into many of these parts allowing them to be welded to the structure.