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era Glass, Inc. offers comprehensive services for your industrial needs. Lera Glass Inc. has been building radomes, aquarium tanks, industrial tanks, hopper covers, vents, ducts and a host of other specialty fabrications for nearly 30 years. Because of our ability to build our own patterns/molds and because of our familiarity with Computer Aided Design programs, we are able to build very close tolerance fabrications when needed. Our proficiency at metal, wood, as well as acrylic fabrication allow us to provide integrated turnkey assemblies, where designs employ a combination of materials.



  • Designed, and built at Lera Glass Inc.
  • Fiberglass construction withstood 140 mph winds during Hurricane Hugo.
  • Steel Frame fabricated in house.
  • Packaging and crating performed in house.
  • These types of radomes were built in 5 different sizes.

Reduction Duct

  • Fiberglass fabrication.
  • Scaled and sized up in house.
  • Made from flat stock created in house. Rolled, mitered, and spliced together.

Hopper Cover

  • Fiberglass construction.
  • Close tolerance fabrication, with regard to holes, shape, and vent location.
  • Made from a MDF mold designed and fabricated in house.
  • Shown in an in house fabricated shipping frame.

Ozone Filter Tower

  • Design concept by customer. Lera Glass Inc provided design assistance in the final design.
  • A small test unit was built to test function, before the final filters were built.
  • These are submerged filters.
  • Water is pumped through the bottom pipe, passes through ¼ inch holes drilled around the perimeter of the bottom cone. As it goes up through the next cone it passes through sand that is kept tumbling in the flow of water. The sand acts as a bio mass, the water then goes up the middle pipe and is driven down a inner cylinder. Here the water flows through bubbles of ozone, the water then flows up and out the top side pipes. The filtered waste goes out through the top.

Puzzle Aquarium Tank

  • The customer’s request, was a tank that gave the effect of looking out into the ocean depths. This installation was supposed to appear as an Under Sea Laboratory. The windows shown were supposed to depict the vastness of the deep sea. He wanted fish swimming by one window to appear again in the adjacent window as they rounded the corner.
  • The project was complicated by the fact that the Aquarium was already built out, and that this tank needed to fit down a hallway, around some tight corners and through a 36 inch wide door.
  • To accomplish this the tank was made in sections so that it could be assembled onsite,  following the trip down several tight corridors.
  • This was a fiberglass and acrylic fabrication.