Lera Glass
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Sweasey Theater Lera Glass recreated many features for the facade of this theater, and produced them in fiberglass. Made originally from concrete many of the original features decayed, or disappeared altogether.

Eureka Theater

Lera Glass Inc. created intricately detailed architectural details for the Sweasey Theater in Eureka during itís renovation. These architectural details are molded from fiberglass. The Lion's Head, and Shield were lost all together and had to be recreated from grainy old pictures. The Torch Details were to fragile to mold and had to be recreated from scratch as well. The customer provided us with a rough molds for the other details. These we used to make new molds, that incorporated the hidden attachment features that were ultimately used.

Because fiberglass is light weight, it made these features easy to transport and install, while being very seismically safe.