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These amazing shapes are destined for an Atlantis themed restaurant in Dubai.

Dubia Chandelier

Lera Glass Inc. manufactured these accent details for a project in Dubai. The chandelier is clear fiberglass. When completely finished it will be trimmer out in bronze, and have high intensity lighting. The blue shield castings will be illuminated from behind as shown. The clear pieces are hollow, and are rotational cast in clear resin. They will be components used to create an ancient computer, and capacitor.

This is a unique use of fiberglass, and it is the perfect material for the chandelier feature; moldable, capable of fine detail, translucent, and light.

Lera Glass has a long history of using clear resins in unusual ways. Producing these castings required reaching deep into our bag of tricks. The blue shields are large, thick, and complex. The clear hollow castings were made using a technique we developed ourselves.