Lera Glass
Project Gallery

otational Casting reins supreme when it comes to crafting three-dimensional figures. Parts come out of their molds requiring little finish or seam work. The company's first experience with Rotational Casting was the production of hand-crafted designer lamp bases. Since then, Lera Glass has built its own rotational casting machine to create larger figures to meet the demands of its clients such as Sega for their video game characters. Lera Glass has developed innovative techniques to rotationally cast polyester, polyurethane, and gypsum materials and can to rotate molds up to seven feet in length.

Stanford Springboard Diver

These figures were part of a set we did for the Stanford Athletic Dept. The figures came to us sculpted from very soft clay. We then produced molds allowing the figures to be molded in one piece and produced a set of figures in rotational cast forton, a gypsium hybrid. The client liked these so much, that he had the final set cast in bronze using our molds.

Mermaid From The Movie Rent

This Mermaid figure is made from rotational cast clear casting resin. It stands 5 feet tall and was used as a central prop in a scene from the movie rent.

Virtual Reality Game Prototype

This is an assembly we did for a Virtual Reality Prototype. The red chairs are rotational cast around a steel sub-assembly. The arm rests are fiberglass, trimmed with vinyl covered foam. We did the whole assembly: made the chairs, supplied the steel, fiberglass components, paint, vinyl, and all the assembly.

Hula Girls

This is from a project where we helped an artist produce 25 full size gyrating Hula Girls. The installation was meant to depict the sad state of Polynesian society after decades of oustide manipulation and corruption. What you're supposed to see from a distance are 25 Gyrating Hula Girls which draw you in, making you think of happy times in the tropics. The closer you get the more things start to look wrong. Hula Girls that are bruised, tatooed, drugged, wielding guns and grenades, wronged and seeking revenge. Evidently according to the artist, there is a strong undercurrent of this sentiment among the Polynesians.