Lera Glass
Project Gallery

era Glass has used fine metalwork on a wide range of fabrication projects including prototypes and in-store display fixtures. Originally an acquired skill to produce support items for its fiberglass products, the company has since expanded its use of metalwork in architectural details or structural areas on which all of the welding is performed by a certified welder.

Water Ski Rope Spooling Device Prototype

The prototype shown was a development project. The goal was to come up with a device that would spool up Water Ski Rope neatly, and automatically. Allowing for an easy change over from one type of ski rope to another. The design shown was conceived in itās entirety at Lera Glass. All the fabrication, except for the aluminum welding, was performed at Lera Glass. The design features interchangeable spools, and limited slip clutch assembly for safety. The unit slips into a bracket that stays attached to the boat.

Support Structure for the Pediment

This picture shows the assembly of the steel support frame. This frame supports the Pediment on the Redwood City Courthouse Project. The completed Pediment is shown in the top picture on this page. This frame was designed so that the assembled Pediment could be shipped, and lifted with a crane, in two large pieces. Most of the fiberglass pieces were already installed before shipping. The design was the product of input from all the key players. It was approved by an engineer. All welds and initial fabrication were performed by Rizzetto Welding. A certified welding operation. Assembly, alignment, design input, and project coordination was provided by Lera Glass.

Collapsible Weatherized Housing Unit

Shown here is a Weatherized Housing Unit. The project goal was a versatile, weather proof, outdoor enclosure for sensitive projection equipment. It needed to be durable and collapsible enough to ship easily and inexpensively.

The Base was built from large tube steel sections that allowed the unit to be fork lifted from all sides. The Interior Frame was constructed from tubing typically used for roll bars in race cars. The outer skin was made from interlocking fiberglass sections that attached to the interior frame, and produced a weather proof barrier. The entire unit collapsed down to a 6 x 8 ft. foot print, that was two feet tall. (an acceptable size for air freight.)

Royal Robbins Display Fixtures

These are a few of the many display fixtures we did for Royal Robbins. Our relationship started with us making the rock contoured fiberglass granite panels for them. In time the steel frames, the wood sections, the silk screening, the finishes (both granite and patina), the packaging, and coordination of the shipping were all performed by Lera Glass. We provided them with one stop shopping, coordinating fabrication, and shipping of their entire store fixture line. In metal. Lera Glass fabricated the steel frames, and the steel signage for these fixtures.

Ergonomic Table

This prototype table was designed to be easily raised and lowered by hand. Providing a variety of working heights, allowing workers to readjust working height, for comfort throughout the day. This design is not motorized, and allows for a variety of components of varying weights to be left on the working surface. To accomplish this the design uses an adjustable counterbalance system.

This design was conceived, and manufactured in itās entirety at Lera Glass. The frame, and many of the components of this design were made from steel.