Lera Glass
Project Gallery

era Glass Inc. has been creating fabrications in wood since the companies earliest days. Wood is one of the primary materials used in producing the original shapes we need to make our molds. Over the years we have stepped into providing wood fabricating services for our customers as the need arises. Sometimes to compliment a fiberglass project or used as a stand alone project.

Underwater World Sign

This sign feature is an example of a stand alone assembly. The sign was built using redwood. Acrylic sheet is built in to protect the signage from the elements. The sign is built to accept interchangeable posters. The top comes off to facilitate the changing artwork. This assembly was supplied ready to use.

Aquarium Tank Form

This is an example of wood materials being used as a form for molding. This shape produces a panel that fit into the side of a large aquarium tank. The detail of the shape, produces a recess that allows the finished piece to accept an acrylic panel. The acrylic panel allowed viewing into the tank.

Wrap Around Counter

This is one of several counters we did for a cellular phone store. This feature is made entirely from wood and is laminated with Formica.

Royal Robbins Display Fixtures

These are a few of the many display fixtures we did for Royal Robbins. Our relationship started with us making the rock contoured fiberglass granite panels for them. In time the steel frames, the wood sections, the silk screening, the finishes (both granite and patina), the packaging, and coordination of the shipping were all performed by Lera Glass. We provided them with one stop shopping, coordinating fabrication, and shipping of their entire store fixture line.

Display Wood Blocks

These oversized toy blocks were produced for The Becker Group. These were a combination wood and fiberglass fabrication. The body of the blocks were fiberglass and the insets and letters were wood. These were fabricated, painted, and crafted at Lera Glass.

Hopper Cover shipping frame

This picture shows a shipping frame supplied by Lera Glass for delivering a large fiberglass hopper cover ( also fabricated at Lera Glass). Built in this manor the cover is safely supported at an angle that makes it possible to ship. It can also be moved around with a forklift.